Hockey Camps

If you are looking for something to do for the kids….why not support your club your/their game!! We organize hockey camps during most school breaks. It is a great opportunity for both primary school and senior children to have lots of fun with their peers, to improve stick skills, movement and confidence on and off the ball!

The Avoca HC Autumn/Halloween 2019 camp dates for primary and senior children at Newpark/Avoca HC are as follows:

Details: A1 Hockey Camp – South Dublin.

Venue: Newpark School / Avoca HC

Dates: Tue 29th and Wed 30th October

Times: 10AM – 1PM (Jnr 1st – 6th class) and 10AM – 2PM (Snr 1st – 4th year)

Fee: 45 Euro

If you would like to book a camp, please follow the link below.

For further information, please contact